Saturday, November 04, 2006

Red Castle Cafe - Tamshui, Taiwan

老街著名的阿婆鐵蛋對面, 沿著老舊的石梯拾級而上, 106級之後我們來到這幢三層的悠美紅磚「券廊式」建築, 遺世而獨立的紅樓本身就是一個美景. 餐廳迴廊上3 樓的咖啡廳的雅座是最佳觀景地點, 可以俯視淡水小鎮, 也可以遠跳眺淡水河及對岸的八里和觀音山. 到淡水一定要到這裡喝杯咖啡歐!!

Red Castle was built in 1895. It is now a famous restaurant and cafe with the magnificent view to Tamsui River and Guan-Yin Mountains.


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Just like to share with you the Urban Folk Unplugged Concert information.

There will be the first Urban Folk Unplugged Concert held on 12/2 & 12/3 in Tiapie.

I'll be there on 12/3 concert but I also like to watch 12/2 concert too because "Frente" from Australis, who were dismissed, will be performed there..


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